Symposia Submission


All symposia section proposals must include: 

TITLE: 12 words maximum

PRINCIPAL ORGANIZER (Name, Institutional affiliation, address, and e-mail): Note that this person is the point of contact for the symposium and is responsible for communicating with the speakers. 

POTENTIAL SPEAKERS (Name, Institutional affiliation, adress e e-mail): At least five speakers, excluding the organizer, should have been contacted previously and indicated commitment to attending the Palms2020.Session of more than six speakers should be justified. Each symposium section will receive a 1:30-hour block. Individual talks in symposia are 15 minutes-long (12 min presentation + 3 min). The symposium organizers are encouraged to allocate time to an introductory overview and/or a closing summary to promote conceptual synthesis or audience debate within the allocated time block (15 min in total). The symposium section organizers also must be willing to accept requests from the Palms2020 Scientific Committee to accommodate additional presenters on the basis of scientific merits, topic compatibility and logistical reasons. 

ONCE SENTENCE SUMMARY (Maximum 50 words): A short version of the symposium section description.

SPEAKERS AND TENTATIVE TALK TITLE: Name of the speakers and the talk title.


Please note that all participants may be able to cover their own travel expenses.